ChaitMe answers your questions in real time

Now you can have all the information you want just a message away, ask me anything you want!

Efficient Translator

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Technical Support


ChaitMe can be your expert translator

You can ask him how to translate anything into any language.


Everything you wanted to know, now just a message away.

An artificial intelligence bot that is always ready to help you and answer questions with or without meaning.


Your intelligent conversation partner

Get instant answers with Chaitme on any personal topic. For example: date ideas, what's the best gift for valentine's day or your anniversary, and much more...

Application Support

Use it in the most popular voice memo and messenger applications you use every day.

Add to Whatsapp to +54 9 11 5349-5987 and READY! chat with chaitMe

or scan the QR

Add the user @chaitMe_bott and READY! chat with chaitMe

or scan the QR

Privacy and Confidentiality

We do not save or store your conversations

Your privacy is very important to us, so we do not store any of your conversations.


We use ChatGPT technology with no App downloads.

We use ChatGPT technology to create ChaitMe, with the great advantage that you don't need to download apps, just add it to Whatsapp or Telegram and you can use the bot for FREE.

About Us

Rather Labs is a tech-hub formed by a group of elite engineers with expertise in AI, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies. We develop B2B services for companies around the world.

TranscribeMe and ChaitMe are products incubated within Rather Labs' internal Venture Studio.

If you are interested in our developments, contact us!

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